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Situated between Alaminos and Bolinao, Pangasinan lies a in the town of Bani — Oldwoods by the Sea Nature Resort. It is a cozy mountain resort with breathtaking views of the West Philippine Sea.

The most striking feature of this Pangasinan resort is how it was built to blend in with the natural elements of the area. One can expect to walk among the unaltered trees and gardens along its grounds, making it a tranquil retreat spot for those looking for a quiet vacation.

For more adventure, the resort is also near some of the best beach destinations in Pangasinan: The Hundred Islands National Park in Alaminos, Patar Beach in Bolinao, and Surip Beach. Here, you can go snorkeling, island hopping, and cliff diving.


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Explore the beauty of Mother Nature

Roam around the resort and identify trees that you are familiar with. The vast area of the resort is filled with trees and plants of different kinds. The resort is built on its natural surroundings preserving the environment to effectively provide a nature experience for its guests.


Experience all the guestrooms of the resort

Each room is uniquely designed, no room looks alike. The rooms are named after the trees that you see around the resort. Each room also has a theme such as Mountain, Read and Write, Old World, Flight, etc., get excited in every stay by trying different themes to make your stay memorable.


Discover untouched and unexploited nature

Visit the pristine beaches surrounding the resort. Climb down the resort for 5 minutes, or take the hiking trail for a few minutes to see Tubong Beach. Enjoy tide pooling during low tide with sea creatures that are trapped on small rock pools. Tubong Beach has sandy pockets for those who prefer to chill on the beach. Don’t forget to bring your beach wear, aqua shoes and that all important camera to capture the amazing sunset by the sea.


Uncover Pangasinan with our tour offerings

Get refreshed at Bolinao Falls. Be amazed at Hundred Islands. Get your body tan at our island adventure beach and island tours. Experience our water escapades of snorkeling, fishing, cliff jumping, and many more. Pangasinan is rich in flora and fauna with its several tourist destination and discover many scenic spots waiting to be uncovered.